Move Me

I want – To be moved above your tar black shadow, under the full moon’s bright light, Pushed across realms by your hypnotizing perfume – a gaze into the future.  I want – To feel your hair like a veil around me, guiding me through the dark night, And that the end would mean my […]


I crush my head upon the flaming nova, setting myself ablaze, As I drift through timeless ends and at celestial bodies gaze. I reach and cross inside the Making, of lost hope and souls, And see myself beyond the Golden Spear which the Universe patrols. Consumed by fire I make the paths that stand behind […]


It is four in the morning And I’m watching you; I gaze upon your eyes – they’re shining, I’m glad I can see you – anew; In a time of terror – when my mind was rotten You arose from darkness – never forgotten, Ought to fix my soul – couldn’t do it alone, Wanted […]


Through love and loss and earthly sorrow, Behind the everglade well hidden, Nothing but a mortal being – all hollow Stands still and ready to be smitten. With such deep eyes planted on his face Where of joy and sadness was no trace, Such dark eyes he threw into the sky As he was ready […]


Suffering – one thing not too many get to enjoy; To hear the laughs inside their head, To make them scream, to split them half, To make them leave the simple human thought; To ascend. To feel – the shattered’s soul form of perfection, The joy, pure joy of being damned – Understood by all […]