Move Me

I want –

To be moved above your tar black shadow, under the full moon’s bright light,

Pushed across realms by your hypnotizing perfume – a gaze into the future.

 I want –

To feel your hair like a veil around me, guiding me through the dark night,

And that the end would mean my body and my souls with yours to suture.

I want –

To move my hands above your skin, to make myself bleed with steam,

And just like a dragon owns his treasure, I want to make your body sin.

Move me –

Across the land that’s made of marble, that in an instance would melt

And shiver and tremor, under the soft touch of my burning hands.

Move me –

Beyond your flesh pouring with desire, let me drown your senses

In a boiling pool of pleasure, and make you yourself my perfume.

Move me –

By your side and cover me with you silk-woven hair, make me succumb,

Numb me in my entirety, and then drown me as well with the blue of your eyes.

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