It is four in the morning

And I’m watching you;

I gaze upon your eyes – they’re shining,

I’m glad I can see you – anew;

In a time of terror – when my mind was rotten

You arose from darkness – never forgotten,

Ought to fix my soul – couldn’t do it alone,

Wanted someone to set me off my throne;

Someone to see beyond despair;

Perhaps you – with the fiery red hair.

I thought I had lost –

And couldn’t enjoy anymore

The smile I’ll always adore,

Must keep it here – at any cost.

Scared I was, plenty of times,

And could not see a light –

Like the one shining in your eyes!

Could this be the salvation, the banish of blight,

The moon that will guide me –

Every single night;

Could this be the flame tree

To keep my mind alive, burning me with all of its might!

The Fiery, the Wild, the Untamed,

Arose in my life for so many times,

And for another time – happiness I had reclaimed;

And I had cried – at my thought’s crimes,

And I kept myself away from it sometimes

When I could only read between the lines,

But I think it’s time for us to see the signs.

And my soul had wept –

And it has faded,

But your pure memory has kept,

So it would not be degraded.

And even now, I feel your sight

Falling down on me – with light;

Open my eyes, the next midnight

And let me myself rewrite.

2 Replies to “Fiery”

  1. Still loving it.

  2. Time runs my heart stops
    I did it again, Watching your words
    tears don’t fall
    I find myself trying to forget but I cant
    Please, do not talk, also don’t forget what was once said: you will always be my
    Soul mate

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