All the flowers, pretty flowers

Flowers, flowers, pretty flowers,

I would kill myself for hours,

Let away, down on the drain

All the hope and all the pain,

It’s all there, for you to see,

All the plague that’s killing me.

In the sewer’s all my misery,

It’s all lost and it’s all free.

Now I’m empty, all alone,

Got no feeling to the bone,

Got no feeling in my head,

All torn up, it’s all just shred.

Double Jacks go down, all night,

‘Till I feel it all, my might.

I’m no god, yet God hates me,

Shows me nothing but pity.

I’ll drown myself in earthly sorrow

And feel today like it’s tomorrow;

Feel the past all just go by,

Quoth the mortal, The End is nigh.

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