Me, Myself and I

Let me be the one to slit your throat and chug down your very eyes,

Let me be the one to splatter your brains all over the walls,

Let me be the one to tear you apart, inch by inch – yes!

Turn yourself down to me, come join me in our Catacombs and the dead in their halls!

Kill everything you have built so far and die with everything in your hands,

Kill everyone that you consist of and never feel you’re wrong,

Kill yourself and drink the blood spilt by your hell hounds!

Turn yourself down to me, slice your guts and loose your veins and be strong!

Look them in the eye as your own blood runs on the stained floor,

Look yourself in the mirror while the spark goes all off, and merely dies,

Look me and at my insides and let me die as well – close my door!

Turn yourself down to me, and let us all die, for good, for once surrounded by flies.

This is what the voice told me, day by day,

And night by night,

This is the voice that wants me

And itself dead.

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