Through love and loss and earthly sorrow,

Behind the everglade well hidden,

Nothing but a mortal being – all hollow

Stands still and ready to be smitten.

With such deep eyes planted on his face

Where of joy and sadness was no trace,

Such dark eyes he threw into the sky

As he was ready to let it all pass by.

“I have endured, have fallen and have felt dismay

And after all of this you just threw me in your ashtray;

Oh mere god, now I have truly ascended – I am in bloom,

Thus, certainty nonetheless, your place in Sky I can assume!

For I have been forsaken, forgotten, led astray

By you and your teachings – no more betray!

Now I am God, let me take upon my form

And see you bustle under my wrath – all torn!”

“Listen here, now, puny mortal, don’t make me laugh

And don’t get me mad – don’t make me strike you down!

Because your death, no meaning has it to me – On behalf

of Death itself I back all this and on its evening gown.

What you’ve endured and felt and oh! such sadness

It is nothing if you think it gives you a place in Sky,

If you can live no more on Earth and search your joy in madness

This is no place for you to come and God’s will defy!

You’re nothing but a mortal – Not capable

of knowing more, of feeling less, of being a true god.

You do not know how much you’d have to take – unscapable

For you take my place, as the diamond you are – unflawed.

Begone from my sight, return to your mortal life

And quit your hoping to ascend – do not dare to quarrel

Come back to me when you’ll have understood – nonlife

And what it takes to be a god.”

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