Suffering – one thing not too many get to enjoy;

To hear the laughs inside their head,

To make them scream, to split them half,

To make them leave the simple human thought;

To ascend.

To feel – the shattered’s soul form of perfection,

The joy, pure joy of being damned –

Understood by all – not seen by even one…

What is understanding of something you’ve never seen?

It’s being selfish, it’s being mortal!

So scream in your silence,

Find joy in your sadness;

Gasp at how they lost something so important!

Let your voices laugh –

Do not look for compassion.

You are the way you are!

Feast – and drink on their happy souls.

Forget that smile, extinguish the trace of happiness

And do something of your life!

Find no resolve in being part of the herd.

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